Hertel Avenue Businesses:

We know this is a stressful and uncertain time. We want to help you, even if in a small way. We know that small businesses are the backbone of our communities. There are so many unique places for the residents of WNY to eat, shop, and explore in North Buffalo. We want to help keep our community strong and thriving, as we learn to live with a new sense of normalcy. Please share with us your stories and anything we can post to help support you during this trying time at info@hertel-ave.com.

To qualify for funds, any small business on Hertel Avenue (HBA members and Non-member are eligible) must fill out this simple application and upload one of their bills ex: cable, internet, insurance, website fees, e-commerce fees etc. that they need help paying.


The HBA will use a lottery system to choose the recipients and provide funds from the lawn sign proceeds to help the small businesses on Hertel Avenue to pay their bills.


Payout to approved businesses will happen quickly and on a weekly basis as sign sales come in.


“Together We Are North Buffalo Strong”

Our community has been hit hard, especially our Hertel Avenue small businesses and they need all our help! The thought of losing any of them due to their financial struggles because of this pandemic is unthinkable and heartbreaking!


So, help us show our unity and support towards our small businesses! Place your order for a Lawn Sign and or Sticker and the proceeds will be used to help support our Hertel Avenue Small Businesses.  Of course the more we sell, the more small businesses we can help!






























The campaign goal is to help ease the worry for our Hertel Avenue Small Businesses with some of the smaller bills while other aid options have been focused on things like rent and payroll. 


They can be picked up at Daisy’s Doghouse 1448 Hertel Avenue. Delivery options are also available.

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