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  Dedicated to the beautification, preservation, prosperity, and growth of Hertel Avenue businesses and in turn the North Buffalo community for over 30 years


The Hertel Business Association (HBA) is a not-for-profit, chartered organization of local business people and community members. We volunteer to promote the economic and commercial well-being of Hertel Avenue businesses which in turn makes a positive contribution to the North Buffalo community. Your membership is so important to its continuing successes!

The business members of the Hertel Business Association are North Buffalo's most valued resource! Therefore, the HBA works toward making our members' businesses more successful through sharing information and seeking out opportunities which benefit them. Please make them your first choice when supporting all of the small businesses on Hertel Avenue!

But that's only a part of what the HBA is. We have a tremendous resource in our resident and community members, who also play an important part in the decision making process. Together we are making a difference!


• Gained the support of a record number of over 100 members including over 30 Corporate Sponsors.
• Created a new focus to rebrand Hertel Avenue, making it easily identifiable and unique from other areas of the city.
• Gave members Hertel Avenue decals of the new logo for display.
• Sold shirts with the new brand logo to make Hertel Avenue more visible.
• Held monthly meetings to create a forum for businesses and residents to voice their ideas, concerns and suggestions.
• Held 3 networking mixers for members and the community.
• Maintained a website that is #1 in Google searches for Hertel Avenue.Our Mission: Your Success
• Promoted members’ businesses through the HBA website, Facebook and Twitter.
• Created the Corporate Sponsor of the Week to spotlight their extra commitment to the HBA.
• Continued to collaborate with Italian Festival committee members.
• Continued to maintain 3 conveniently located Hertel Avenue parking lots.
• Made Association members visible to the community with window signs.
• Procured advertising discounts and promotions available only to members.
• Worked closely with city officials to maintain North Buffalo interests.
• Worked to have Holiday snowflake lights repaired and hung.
• Held the 3rd annual Hertel Holidays window decorating contest.
• Organized and promoted the Hertel Business Association’s premiere event, the 20th annual Hertel Holidays.
• Collaborated with Buffalo International Film Festival to create Explore Hertel which incorporated businesses and special events into Festival activities.

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Executive board members are a group of dedicated VOLUNTEERS who are elected by the membership to represent the best interests of the Hertel Avenue area community. Each board member is in their first year of an elected two year term. Please support their efforts!



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